M series borrow from a lot of classic and popular simple and clean designs. Constructed of 316L stainless steel with a nice brushed finish, bronze, titanium grade 5, PVD or cobalt you’re getting a high quality casings with the classic cushion design. The cases measure in with a measurements of 40mm- 44mm and have a thickness of 14.5mm. The overall cases have a large stature on wrist, but are rounded out with the subtle cushion style, giving the watches a bold yet elegant feel at the same time.

Adjacent to the 3 you’ll find the large screw down crowns that are easy to manipulate with zero play. Sealing the crowns are LÜM-TEC ’s double diamond sealing systems, assuring you the comfort of the ​100m-​600m​ water resistance. The dials are extremely easy to read, and almost appear to not have the crystals at all!