We use different postal companies such as DHL, EMS, GLS - General Logistics Systems. Selection of a company mostly depends on the country for delivery or on the will of the customer.

Estimate shipping rates

* Free shipping on all watch orders from Europe

Europe 10 €
World 33 €
Insurance included

Estimate delivery times Europe

Zone / Area Countries (working days)
1. Zone Hungary (2), Austria, Czech Republic (2), Slovenia, Romania (2-4)
2. Zone Poland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg (3), Lichtenstein (3), Bulgaria (3-4), Switzerland (4-5)
3. Zone Denmark (3), San Marino, Vatican, Italy, France (3-4), Monaco (4), United Kingdom (3-5), Ireland (4-5)
4. Zone Greece (4-7), Spain (3-7), Andorra (4), Gibraltar, Portugal (5), Sweden (3-5), Norway (4-5), Finland (4-6), Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cypress, Malta (6-7), Turkey (5-8)
5. Zone Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Monte Negro (3), Albania, Macedonia (4)
DHL EUROPE 48 hours
EMS World Express 1-10 days


Shipping and Item Problems

If a shipped order was lost or damaged postal companies must conduct an investigation. Please contact to initiate a tracer within 10 business days of the item shipping from our warehouse. If the package is not located, Postal companies will process a claim for the package. Claims can take one month to process. When the carrier claims responsibility for the loss or damage of your shipped item(s), insurance reimbursement will be issued to FWB s r. o. and a replacement item(s) will be shipped out. If that item(s) is/are no longer available, and a similar item is not wanted, FWB s r. o. will gladly refund your original payment.


In the unlikely event of goods received with damaged packaging, such as outer boxes, cases, instructions, manuals, etc., FWB s r. o. reserves the right to replace the original packaging of products sold herein. FWB s r. o. cannot guarantee a replacement of the manufacturer's original packaging.